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Visiting Photoshop Hell

June 26, 2008

Angelina Jolie seems to have had a Photoshop crime committed against her arm in this poster for Wanted. When I saw this image around town the first few times, it appeared to me that Angie’s right shoulder and left arm had been grafted together in some kind of freak anatomical accident (is that the inside of her elbow? the outside? who cares when the movie will make millions?). Up close, it’s clear that it’s all one arm, but somebody needs to go back to Anatomy 101 or lighting 101 or otherwise help Angie with that thing.


Gutsy Fashion

June 26, 2008

I heart seeing stylish guts, and here’s a few from around the web. At left, we’ve got a haute nurse look by Do Estilista from Brazil’s fashion week. If only all health care workers looked this cute. Next up, we’ve got an adorable top from Kidrobot, that imagines one’s insides as a cartoonishly cute ribcage. Love it. Next up, a line drawing of the heart screenprinted onto a pink knit top, from deadworry over at Etsy, the land of good things!

Body Worlds and Organs

June 24, 2008

We try to keep track of all things guts over here at IHG HQ, but somehow the dirty details behind the organs used at the BodyWorlds exhibits passed our notice. I had always kinda wondered where all those bodies came from, and it seems some of them came from sketchy sources at best. Yes, some of the bodies were donated to science. But some of them were not, and no one’s quite sure what parts came from where, but it doesn’t look good.

Time to Get Ill

June 24, 2008

Tired of awful generic get well cards that don’t get graphic enough for your needs? When you need to tell someone “urine my heart,” send them one of our ridiculous free e-cards. If you know someone who’s had a gallbladder ou or a new kidney in, our guts will heal all wounds. If you want something for nothing, these cards are for you.

Meet The Glands!

June 19, 2008

Folks have been asking us about glands for a very long time. I’ll admit I thought all glands kinda just looked like balls with tubes coming out, but of course, no, they are all kinds of amazing shapes and sizes doing all kinds of amazing things inside our bodies every day. So, at long last, here are the glands!

People With Guts

June 19, 2008

We’d like to feature more fun from you, our darling guts-loving populace. So, first in a series of photos from People With Guts, we have Pete Pancreas out on the town enjoying red wine and an evening of karaoke. Did Pete sing “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” perhaps? Or maybe “How Sweet It Is”? (Actually, if you look closely, Pete is sitting on a karaoke songbook open to “My Heart Belongs to Me” and, yes, “Alcohol.”) April B. of Ottawa, Canada, who sent this photo, also got guts for her friends — Lucy Liver and Hank Heart — because April obviously rocks. Hank and Lucy didn’t go out on the town with Pete, though, because Pete is very special. If you’ve got a funny pic of your guts, please send ’em to us!

Renegades in San Fran

June 17, 2008

We have long loved the Renegade Craft Fair, and lamented its absence from the west coast craft scene. Well hoo-ray and yee-haw, the fair is coming to San Francisco and the Guts will be there! Our pals over at The Particle Zoo will also be in effect, along with hundreds of other indie-rock vendors and maker-type geeks. Our hope is that Renegade continues its national domination and sets up shop down here in old Los Angeles, where we have a big, gaping, empty sad hole where Bazaar Bizarre used to be (Greg, come back! We miss you). And we’re not sure what’s going on with Felt Club for the summer, either. Our best guess is that Felt Clubmaster Jenny is still exhausted from last year’s two XL events. We hope she’s enjoying a wine cooler poolside somewhere during her well-deserved break.

What Am I, Chopped Liver?

June 6, 2008

Attention to those who need a liver transplant — it helps to be well-connected. News that Japanese gang members got themselves some livers during an organ donor drought in the early 00s through the UCLA Transplant Services comes as a shock to those who think transplant lists are fair and egalitarian. They sure aren’t. The main gang boss, Tadamasa Goto, was allowed inside the US as a guest of the FBI, which hoped to elicit some juicy inside scoop on Japanese gangs (which, as it turns out, are legal in Japan). Instead, Goto and his cronies got four livers, donating $100,000 for each one, and went on home. (Are these guys drinking tubs of sake every day?)

Cheap Brains

June 4, 2008

Save now on brains with our special graduation coupon — students work hard, they deserve a few extra neurons, right? If you’re in the market for a soft, fluffy brain, buy one of ours and insert coupon code CHEAPBRAINS for $2 off at checkout. Good through the end of June in time for commencement. Valid for brain plush only, one use per customer (tell a friend if you like).