Meet The Glands!

June 19, 2008

Folks have been asking us about glands for a very long time. I’ll admit I thought all glands kinda just looked like balls with tubes coming out, but of course, no, they are all kinds of amazing shapes and sizes doing all kinds of amazing things inside our bodies every day. So, at long last, here are the glands!


3 Responses to “Meet The Glands!”

  1. iheartguts Says:

    anyone out there interested in seeing a sweat gland? just realized we forgot the poor fella? gland ho!

  2. ciara Says:

    ahhhhhh!!!!! those glands are soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!

  3. mrs. york Says:

    awwww.those glands are so cute, and they also helped me on my project that i had to do in my senior human A&P class.

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