Renegade Rocks

July 16, 2008

San Francisco’s first Renegade Craft Fair was quite fabulous, we had a good ol’ time meeting people and sending them away with guts galore. My favorite thing about these shows is meeting the amazing people who buy our stuff — folks who wander up to the booth with a giant smile on their face and a twinkle in their eye and say, “I had a liver transplant! Check out my awesome scar!” and whip up their shirt to show it off, or, “Hey, I have diabetes!” as if it was the greatest thing on earth rather than a truly devastating affliction. These people inspire us to no end with a positive attitude in the face of disease, and for that we’d like to say — you guys rock. More than just our guts were on the scene, we saw some cute stitched anatomically correct hearts from Art School Dropout, body part passport holders, and some ventricle-laced felt hearts stitched upon a sweatshirt. We really loved everything by Brookadelphia, but especially their “sick” necklace. Great stuff everywhere, we had a great time and the baby miraculously slept, even during the punk rock marching band.


One Response to “Renegade Rocks”

  1. Teresina Says:

    We loved being your neighbor. It was a good show and I love my t-shirt.

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