Guts on the road

August 16, 2008

Heart and kidney visited the esteemed Mayo Clinic a few days ago, on a special road trip. The I Heart Guts team (that would be my wonderful husband, our 9-month-old baby and me) hit the highway to investigate a rare affliction that’s troubling my man (more on that later), so we had some fun driving through the desert. While we were there, we checked out the gift shop to see if they needed any guts, but I think the answer has got to be no way, stocked as it was with purple boa-clad bears that, when a paw was pressed, sang Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to have Fun.” I won’t tell you about the singing chihuahua. On the bright side, the Mayo Scottsdale has a great medical library for patients, so if you’re in Phoenix, check it out! There’s tons of books, scientific journals, a giant glob of fake fat, a skeleton, and a really nice librarian. We wanted to stop by Red Hot Robot, an awesome vinyl toy shop in Phoenix, but we ran out of time. Pooper.


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