I Am Such a Nerd

September 10, 2008

The two latest books I’ve read in the vein of medical reading — First Do No Harm by Lisa Belkin and How Doctors Think by Jerome Groopman. The first chronicles several wrenching cases in one hospital in Houston, delving into hospital committee meetings where life and death decisions are sometimes made on behalf of patients. Fascinating read, it’s like watching an episode of ER, but it’s a book — total doc drama! The Groopman book is exactly as advertised — how do doctors go about solving the mysteries they are faced with every day? It’s also a great read to help patients understand the world of medicine and how to elicit the best possible care from your doctor. The jacket design is eerily similar — I guess nothing says “doc” like a stethoscope. This is especially funny because Dr. Groopman points out the stethoscope has been made nearly obsolete by advanced diagnostic tools like CT and MRI scans. But you can’t wear an MRI scanner around your neck, can you?


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