Guts in Venice

September 29, 2008

We had a grand ol’ time down at the Abbot Kinney Festival down in Venice yesterday, shilling guts and meeting all kinds of fun folks. One of our fave overheard comments from the day:

Girl 1: “A uterus shirt — why would you want that?”
Girl 2: “Why wouldn’t you want that?”

We had to snap photos of some of the best anatomy-related tees we saw passing our booth. Guy #1 was wearing an old school Operation tee — he turned out to be a radiologist, which made it all the cooler. Guy #2 was wearing a fabulous ye olde map of the body, a tee by Jemae he found on Threadless, plus he was sporting the chemical diagram for oxytocin, the love hormone, as a tattoo on his forearm. Awesome. We spent some time trying to remember whether the hypothalamus or the pituitary gland release the chemical, and after a tiny bit of shallow research, it turns out it’s a little bit of both — made by the hypothalamus and released by the pituitary. We also enjoyed chatting with an older man in his sixties who’d had open heart surgery and was describing his idea for a christmas card — taking a photo of himself with our plush heart and his wife, also in her sixties, wearing a sexy nurse’s uniform. I looked at her and she said, “Yeah, I’m not so excited about that part.”


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