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Does That Nurse Look Slightly Devilish To You?

November 26, 2008

picture-1Granted, they’re only happy because they’ve got a smile painted onto their plastic faces, but they’re nonetheless thrilled to be recouperating in Playmobil Hospital. I remember loving the older, crapper version back in the 80s, and if you’re like me, you’ll be impressed by how much better the new one is. We’re talking mini-defibrillators, an elevator, medical charts and all kinds of other stuff. Hopefully someone will hack it and make things a little more gory, kind of like this.


Cute Guts on Threadless

November 26, 2008

156840I am powerless to resist the charms of this adorable gutsy tee by escapism on Threadless.

Velvet Pelvis

November 25, 2008

uterus-1How fantastic is this felted uterus? This was handcrafted by Claire Payne, a U.K. maker who’s handy with the needle and thread. The even cooler thing is she’s a teacher, and used this as a display for her students for a unit on reproduction. Dontcha love it when arts and science meet? Be sure to peep her Etsy shop for other science nerdery.

Eat Your Guts

November 25, 2008

potato_skullThanksgiving is upon us, and since it’s the season for gluttony, why not eat your own innards? Street Anatomy has a couple of fantabulous ways to gross out your holiday tables — from severed head bread (warning, this is really gross) to skull potatoes. Hmm, maybe these are better suited for Halloween. I guess it depends on your family and friends.

Guts on the Go

November 21, 2008

g-arch1We love our guts so much, we even travel with them — take a look at our silly photos of handmade organ plushies on vacation. See uterus and liver at Hollywood and Vine, and heart and stomach in front of the Empire State Building, in Reno, in Tokyo, and a bunch o’ other places. If you look closely, you can see them getting more and more tattered and ratty over time.

Getting Sick is So Fun!

November 20, 2008

picture-32If you’ve got the bug that’s been going around, watch this adorable Korean animation about getting a cold and you’ll instantly feel much better. What could be cuter than a happy flu shot?

Oh, Yes.

November 20, 2008

picture-31I’m newly obsessed with Someecards, this one in particular. The get well ones are the best, such as “Sorry you’re one of those people who seems to get sick all the time” and “Maybe you’ll start feeling better if you stop reading WebMD.”

Yet Another Freakshow

November 19, 2008

picture-8Hooray, we can’t wait for Bazaar Bizarre in San Francisco, comin’ up thanksgiving weekend! The holiday handmade retail show is promises to have the same ol’ freaky good stuff they always bring together, from happy fruit to felted frozen dinners (isn’t that incredible?), satin robots and all kinds of other stuff. The show’s emphasis on weirdness makes it a favorite of ours, and we are still bummed the Los Angeles show seems to be no more. Anyway, please stop by our booth, the show is at 9th Ave and Lincoln Way in San Francisco, Sunday Nov. 30, 11am-7pm. Don’t miss it!

Eat Me

November 18, 2008

the_breakfastTake a look at this amazing poster by Jeremyville, called “The Breakfast.” Sad little story, but sort of sweet, too.

Party in My Tummy

November 18, 2008

picture-3We had a blast at Felt Club last weekend, as always it’s the coolest thing for us to meet our customers in person (“Can I see, um, the urine shirt in a women’s small?”). A major highlight was getting to meet DJ Lance Rock, the super-awesome host of Yo Gabba Gabba, who DJ’ed several fabulous sets. We missed out on the opportunity to sing “Party in My Tummy” with him, but oh well. He was super sweet and was often surrounded by adoring little kids, like this one. Our one-year-old also got the chance to play with gem sweater princess Leslie Hall’s very sparkly shoes. Anyway, it was plenty crowded and great fun! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and special thanks to those who worked so hard to pull it all off, especially Felt Club mastermind Jenny Ryan.