More From Unique L.A.

December 17, 2008

dscn97981Things were so fun around the show, I forgot to tell you about the fun we had in our booth! One woman, an M.D., was checking out the glands and remarked of the testicle, “He looks like he has kind of an epidydimis combover.” Hilarious. A midwife-in-training popped by our booth to get some Womb Service tees, and her friend said, all of a sudden, “I have two uteruses. And two cervixes!” So we spent the next five minutes wondering if she could have two pregnancies and two different times, what about two periods? Fascinating. Can you imagine? It turns out that , yes you can have two separate pregnancies in two uteruses. I also got a chance to meet Katrina, who blogs about tees on T-shirts Around the Internet, she was super nice, and it was great to meet her in person!


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