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Pancreas Gets A Podcast

January 26, 2009

ep014a2If you’re interested in hearing me yap on and on about guts, this podcast called Serving Donuts did a little interview with me about I Heart Guts, the sad story of the uterus recall, liver ‘n onions, and the least popular organ. I have a cold, so I sound all stuffy, but if you have time to squander, by all means listen away. These guys have really professional-sounding radio voices, so it was kind of bizarre to talk to them — it felt like talking back to A.M. radio, which I do a lot, incidentally.


Shiny Sparkly Guts!

January 21, 2009

new-guts-tees-2009We’ve got a couple of sparkly new tees coming in today, both with fabulous metallic inks, we hope you’ll like ’em. The first, barely in time for Valentine’s Day, is a Heart of Gold tee, for ladies only. Quite possibly even more exciting is our new guts and glands shirt, which includes all the guts and glands characters — even testicles! For those of you really wanting to wear your prostate on your sleeve, this is the shirt for you. They are sorta arrayed where they are supposed to go, offering a mini-anatomy refresher when you need it.

Love This Shirt

January 21, 2009

vpr0001503_p3If you are a typography nerd, you more than likely have a tortured relationship with the font Comic Sans. It is the font that says, “I am so wacky-and-creative” to the type of person who collects stuffed bears, that cheesiest of cheezy fonts, usually rendered in bright purple at very large point sizes in email. In fact, this font is so loathed by the design community, it comes as no suprise that Comic Sans comeback is circulating. And of course we like it because it’s a heart. [via Veer]

I Want My Kidney Back!

January 21, 2009

kidney-divorceWhat’s the return policy on a donated kidney? Is it cash back or tap tap no givebacks? Only time will tell — as part of an ongoing divorce settlement, a man is asking his soon-t0-be ex-wife for $1.5 million as repayment for the kidney he gave her while they were married. He says she ways having an affair, she says she wasn’t. Regardless, the honeymoon between the two is long over.

Sit Your Body Down

January 21, 2009

6a00d8341c8ec853ef010536e3da19970c-800wiHow badly do I want this chair? Um, pretty badly. This lovely body chair is only one of seven made by artist Fauteuil Tante Wera. [I Love Bad Things via Not Cot]

Uterus on The Loose

January 16, 2009

uterus-iheartguts-recall1Shocking new photos of your uterus as you’ve never seen her before  — we thought we should share them with you so you can understand why the uterus is not a children’s toy. See for yourself all the naughty things she’s been up to:


Extramarital affairs…


Exotic dancing…



As you can see, she’s a pretty wild little organ, so watch out. The uterus — harmful to children since time immemorial.

V.I.P. Pancreas R.I.P.

January 16, 2009

mn_macworld_caps104We’d like to take a moment to say goodbye to a very important pancreas that may very well be on its way out — Apple’s co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs may have to have his pancreas removed in order to halt growing problems stemming surgery he had a few years back to get rid of cancerous tissue. Apparently the pancreas’ oozing enzymes can cause trouble for surrounding organs, so the best way to stop future spread of cancer and growing problems with surrounding organs is to take the ol’ thing out. Those of you with diabetes and pancreas trouble will sympathize with his future regimen of insulin and digestive enzymes. We must give thanks to Jobs’s pancreas for taking him along in life this far in dutiful service to its owner. Thank you, Mr. Pancreas, may you rest in peace.

Loving Cupful

January 14, 2009

3178925564_d29c1a5d72_oHow much do we love Fred Flare? Let us count the ways. First off, they are doing a great fundraiser by selling handmade valentine’s made by customers and vendors. The money will go to an org that connects seniors to crafty materials. Check out the amazing and adorable artwork for this Valentines For Charity project. Speaking of cute art, this vintage “I’m not tea-sing” valentine is one of my all-time favorites, and Fred Flare honored our plush heart by drawing us near the teapot of love in their adorable Love Illustrated promo for Valentine’s Day. Thanks, guys! If you are an uncontrollable spender, by all means DO NOT visit there are waaay too many cute things there.

Get Your Body Together

January 9, 2009

7963-41There’s some pretty fantastic body parts tees over on Rumplo right now. My faves: My Liver Hates Me, conventiently located right where that poor overworked and underappreciated organ lives; Mind Grenade by the good folks at Spraygraphic, and this circulatory system heart-n-lung tee verrry loosely based on New York’s subway system.

Total Recall

January 7, 2009

uterus-recall2Thank you to all of you who wrote in about the uterus recall, we’re grateful for your understanding about the old girl. The irony of the ovaries being unsafe for children was not lost on anyone. Some of the funniest comments so far include, “My I-Heart-Guts Uterus is not accessible to children and I promise not to feed to any small children in the future.” And, “Thanks, but we like our toys dangerous!  Good thing I know the Heimlich.” And, ” I am perplexed by someone who would give a uterus to a small child, but hey, to each his own. ” And, “I will not be sending my uterus back — I love it too much!  I will, however, stop chewing on the fallopian tubes!” And, “If they are sucking on the fallopian tubes and ovaries… Well, that is just wrong in SO many ways!” And perhaps funniest of all, “I hate kids and love my plush uterus.” Anyway, thanks for making us laugh during this difficult and sad time for the poor ol’ uterus — and for us. Even thought it’s still just me and my husband working out of our apartment, I guess we are growing as a company and getting the growing pains that come with it. But we’re happy the rest of our toys are kid-safe, it’s a relief. Thank you to those of you who chose to opt-out, and we welcome anyone wanting to return the uterus for a refund or replacement — whether she stays or goes, you still get a 15% off coupon code just for participating in the recall! Once we sew some adults-only labels on the uteri, we will put her back up for sale on the website for those in need of a womb.