Grosser Than Gross

January 4, 2009

41qpckchoplPerhaps you’ve heard of a heart transplant, a lung transplant, and even a uterus transplant, but have you ever heard of not just a bowel transplant (WARNING: STOP READING NOW IF YOU’RE EASILY DISGUSTED), but a feces transplant? Yes, it’s true, people sometimes transplant poo. I learned this from What’s Your Poo Telling You?, a fun-loving and fact-filled book all about bodily excretions. Folks with really bad cases of colitis caused by poor intestinal flora can sometimes benefit from a squirt of someone else’s nicely populated bacterial colony. As the book points out, this last-resort treatment may have a bright future “owing to the short list of willing recipients and the potentially endless supply of donors.”


3 Responses to “Grosser Than Gross”

  1. FreshMD Says:

    I was at an infectious disease conference in November and there were two presentations on fecal transplants. One of the presenters was an old physician with a bow tie who littered his presentation with such phrases as, “I shit you not, this is what we do . . .” It was fantastic.

    I’ve been meaning to post on it.

  2. iheartguts Says:

    that is fabulous!

  3. P. Jacobs Says:

    That’s amazing. I just read about this same thing on this website called It’s this nutty doctor’s website that talks about the high fiber diet as a menace to most people’s guts, it washes away the intestinal bacteria that’s meant to be there a in extreme cases you can use someone’s poop in your shoot to replenish. Crazy, I thought this was some nutty thing but I guess it’s actually real.

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