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Did You Know Thymus = Sweetbreads?

March 26, 2009

thymus-glandNot only are sweetbreads disappointingly NOT sweet and NOT bread, but it turns out they are made from the thymus and/or pancreas of either lambs or piglets. Egh. I always knew sweetbreads were made from a bunch of guts and never knew exactly which organs were lucky enough to make the grade. I’ll take a pass.


She’s Got Guts

March 25, 2009

s-natasha-richardson-large Natasha Richardson’s organs will be donated following her skiing accident, subsequent brain trauma and removal from life support. Organ donation “is very Natasha,” a friend told People magazine. “At least by donating her organs something good could come out of [the tragedy].” Richardson’s generous move will surely be lauded by organ donation boosters such as Donate Life, and appreciated by whomever recieves the organs, which will go to someone in dire need. Just goes to show it’s a good idea to have plans for your innards even when you’re young and healthy. It really takes guts.

Brain on the Block

March 24, 2009

b78f_mad_scientist_blocks2Nerdcore baby blocks from ThinkGeek feature Robots, Tentacles, X-Rays and of course, best of all, Organs in jars! Yes, these Young Mad Scientist Alphabet Blocks are a hell of a lot more interesting for the parent than the standard Apple, Bear, Cat sort. The kid prolly doesn’t care. And speaking of geeky kids, Parents magazine featured our guts in a roundup of  “Stuffed Animals for Geeky Kids.” Not only do we love the embrace of the geek child, we also like it when people call our guts “stuffed animals.”

Big Ouchie

March 24, 2009

p1010006Why, yes, this is a plush scab, complete with Band-Aid. A fun new pal from our friends over at Purple Flavor, home of Hello Maggot and plushie sperms. His little face looks appropriately upset for a recently ripped-off scablet. Seeing this made me re-wonder how exactly scabs are formed — as I’m sure most of you good biology students already know, scabs are formed when platelets in the blood (hey, red blood cells available at Giant Microbes, as long as this blog item is running so crassly commercial already) rush to the scene of a cut or scrape. A clot (filled with platelets, more blood cells and fibrin) forms and keeps all your goo  and guts from spilling out. Voila! A scab is born. Sadly, we all know they eventually get picked off (with great pleasure and glee if you’re the picking type) and thrown out. After all that hard work.

Get Guts Cheap

March 12, 2009

plush-lung-72dpiWhen the going gets guts, the guts go shopping. We got a bunch of samples back from the toy testing process that are totally fine — except they are missing their hangtags and labels. We figured we should celebrate their returning somewhat unscathed by offering them up at a discount to you, so we stuck some cheap-o lungs, liver, brains, kidneys and gallbladders in the Steals + Deals section of our website. So if you were planning on ripping the tags off anyway for better gutsy cuddling or you wanted to give a liver to your dog or whatever, now’s your chance to get them on the cheap. Stock is very limited, so go get ’em if you want ’em.

Ice, Ice, Baby, Too Cold

March 12, 2009

freezerWe are pleased to announce we’ll have a few items in this weekend’s show Freezer Isle, a plush art showcase of icy goodies and more put on by Phantom Galleries (they show in empty storefronts, mowing around for each show) and Evil Ice Cream. Also on hand, artsy stuff from plush-world luminaries UglyDolls, Dan Goodsell, Shawnimals, Anna Chambers, and more! At first I figured it was wrong to include guts in a show about edibles, but Evil Ice Cream’s Kerry helped broaden my horizons. “Don’t they keep kidneys on ice sometimes?” So I made a special icy heart, entitled “Cold Hearted”, plus Frankensteak will make an appearance along with the totally iced out crew from Carat Club. If you’re down in the OC this weekend, please check it out at 2736 E Chapman Ave, Orange, CA 92869. The opening is Saturday, March 14, 7 pm-12 am.

Gut Whisperer

March 12, 2009

la139_fWhy, oh why, don’t they make these for adults? I think that fabulous brain headband is set to sweep those lame metallic headbands worn by the likes of Paris Hilton aside in the world of fashion trendmaking. You heard it here first. Thanks to Julie W. for tipping me off to this fabulous gutsy apron by Lakeshore.

This is Your Brain on Doodling

March 12, 2009

doodlerEver been caught drawing in class, during a meeting or while listening to someone blabbing on and on? I certainly have. Next time someone accuses you of doodling, though, tell them you are actually listening intently — and that science is on your side. A recently published brain study shows doodling actually helps people concentrate. Apparently the listening part of your brain works better when the drawing part of your brain is occupied — it keeps you from daydreaming and spacing out altogether. Sadly, the study did not conclude that doodlers are smarter than non-doodlers (heh heh). The study was kind of small — just 20 people were studied in each given task, so some might argue the data is statistically insignificant. I don’t care though. I’ll take any pro-doodling stance I can get.

Eat Your Heart Out, Metallica

March 12, 2009

picture-1For those about to rock the brain, we salute you. Check out The Hypothalamus Song on YouTube. Not only does this song rock, it tells you all about the hypo’s many parts and functions. Fabulous.

The Pituitary has a Posse

March 11, 2009

andrethegiantstickerWrestler, actor, and all-around big guy Andre the Giant definitely had a posse, but did you know he also had a pituitary condition? Andre owed his great size to acromegaly, more specifically gigantism, a hormonal disorder that sets the pituitary growth hormones into overdrive so the body keeps on growing…and growing…and growing, well into adulthood. The hands and feet are most often affected, resulting in abnormally large extremities, and even oversized organs, usually to serve the needs of a larger body size. You’d think a condition like this would be genetic, but it is often cause by tumors on the pituitary itself. Peep this fascinating video on the pituitary condition on National Geographic.