Big Ouchie

March 24, 2009

p1010006Why, yes, this is a plush scab, complete with Band-Aid. A fun new pal from our friends over at Purple Flavor, home of Hello Maggot and plushie sperms. His little face looks appropriately upset for a recently ripped-off scablet. Seeing this made me re-wonder how exactly scabs are formed — as I’m sure most of you good biology students already know, scabs are formed when platelets in the blood (hey, red blood cells available at Giant Microbes, as long as this blog item is running so crassly commercial already) rush to the scene of a cut or scrape. A clot (filled with platelets, more blood cells and fibrin) forms and keeps all your goo  and guts from spilling out. Voila! A scab is born. Sadly, we all know they eventually get picked off (with great pleasure and glee if you’re the picking type) and thrown out. After all that hard work.


2 Responses to “Big Ouchie”

  1. BikerPuppy Says:

    Can you please do an analysis on what makes some of us scab pickers?

  2. iheartguts Says:

    uh, let me see…a little OCD, perhaps?

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