She’s Got Guts

March 25, 2009

s-natasha-richardson-large Natasha Richardson’s organs will be donated following her skiing accident, subsequent brain trauma and removal from life support. Organ donation “is very Natasha,” a friend told People magazine. “At least by donating her organs something good could come out of [the tragedy].” Richardson’s generous move will surely be lauded by organ donation boosters such as Donate Life, and appreciated by whomever recieves the organs, which will go to someone in dire need. Just goes to show it’s a good idea to have plans for your innards even when you’re young and healthy. It really takes guts.


3 Responses to “She’s Got Guts”

  1. Joe Says:

    Natasha will be missed; and our prayers go out to Liam

  2. iheartguts Says:

    horrible to think that you can basically bump your head and be dead within a day. delicate creatures, we humans.

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