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Help Fill My Medicine Cabinet!

April 30, 2009

img_15051I found this incredible ancient (well, it’s from the 80s, which seems so long ago now) medicine cabinet, and have been bringing it around to shows to display guts in (see below).

img_0636Anyway, what it really needs is some empty medication bottles — you know, those orange or green plastic things? Anyway, if you’re all done with your Adderall prescription or you’re quitting Paxil, AND you happen to be in Los Angeles AND you happen to want to go to the Unique Los Angeles show this weekend, please bring me your empty prescription bottles (with all personal info removed, of course). I can get you **free entry into the show** and I’ll give you a little present for your trouble. Just write me for details.


Northwest Kidney Fest

April 30, 2009

giftpack-mainThe idea of going to a kidney celebration may sound odd to some, but to the Northwest Kidney Center in Seattle, WA, it’s business as usual. The center provides screening and support to African Americans, who are disproportionately affected by kidney disease. You needn’t be black to attend and take advantage of the kidney-centric festival, featuring educational programs, free health screenings and a recipe contest. And while I’m sure most people would like to walk away from the event’s raffle with an iPod or an Xbox, we hope someone will be happy to take home one of the Kidney Gutsy Gift Packs we donated to this year’s event.

What Does a Gastroenterologist Really Want?

April 30, 2009

stomach-plushieWe have spent a lot of time thinking about the needs of your nephrologist, your cardiologist and even your OB-GYN. That’s why we’ve put together this handy Gutsy Gift Guide for your amusement. Wonder what to get your cardiologist? Wonder no more. Have a crush on your acupuncturist? We’ve got just the thing for her.  Enjoy.

New Gutsy Friends For You

April 29, 2009

guts-team3-72dpiWe are excited to welcome the intestine, stomach, spleen and urinary bladder to the gang of happy insides here at I Heart Guts.  It’s a relief to have digestive system heavy hitters intestine and stomach aboard, along with the lymphatic magic of the spleen and urinary wonders of the bladder. We’re also really happy with the colors, which remind me of a giant bowl of Froot Loops, were Froot Loops made from little guts, and I’m especially pleased with the cute little appendix on the lower left hand side of the intestine. Yay!

dscn8621We are also super-pleased to introduce our second limited-edition plush, a sad little Black Heart who cries a tiny tear of blood for you emo types. We also made another batch of the Heart of Gold plushies because the first ones went away way too fast and it made us sad not to have us around.

Body Parts by the Dozen

April 27, 2009

img_1899We love these tiny detailed organ models, snapped by my Pal Julie who just visited the Mori Art Center in Tokyo. How fabulous is the idea of buying a ribcage from a vending machine? How much money would I have to spend before I get the intestine, I wonder? Speaking of intestines, my friend Katie is also in Japan (I have to live vicariously through my fabulous traveling friends) and she loved the Parasite Museum, which tells you, “Try to think about parasites without a feeling of fear, and take the time to learn about their wonderful world of the Parasites.”

Brains on a Plate

April 27, 2009

il_430xn67376238When your dinnerware says “I love you more than zombies love brains,” nothing more needs to be said. We heart this brain plate, and the brain munchie bowl, both by Folded Pigs and both on Etsy. Fantastic. [Thanks, Laura!]

Wear Guts, Get a Free Treat!

April 27, 2009

3295529833_e90a8f0f74Bring your body by the Unique Los Angeles spring show at the California Market Center downtown. See the wares of our thriving local craft scene, from handmade books to silkscreened pillowcases to chickens in pants. If you were planning on hitting the mall this weekend to buy something loving for Mother’s Day, skip it and come to Unique LA instead. Wear an I Heart Guts t-shirt to the show and get a special something for showing your support! Hope to see ya there.

Heart Parts

April 24, 2009

3470456873_c18760742fThe beautiful typography of Ork Posters’ fantastic neighborhood posters has expanded to matters of the heart. Love this! [Thanks, Rob!]

Adrenaline Junkie

April 23, 2009

spiderman_alain_robert1Perhaps you’ve heard of Alain Robert, the daring “French Spiderman” who climbs the world’s tallest buildings with no equipment. No ropes. No suction cups. No carabiners. Just his chalked hands and nimble feetUnbelievable. It got me thinking about Robert’s adrenal glands, and how they must be accustomed to major stimulation. The adrenals are in charge of your “fight-or-flight” response, prepping your body for action in case of danger. Adrenaline bumps up your blood sugar, yet suppresses digestion. He’s probably still pretty hungry by the time he gets to the top.

The Bitch is Back

April 23, 2009

plush-uterus-72Our plush uterus has returned, and just in time for Mother’s Day! We have had so many requests for our recalled uterus (people who had friends undergoing hysterectomy, lousy periods, miscarriages, etc.) that we put the uterus back up on the site for sale to adults only. We figure kids want an iTouch or a cell phone or whatever, not a plush uterus, for pete’s sake. Think of her as a sex toy. If you wish a uterus of your very own, you will have to check a box that says you understand the plush failed a child toy safety test, you’re over 18 years of age, etc. She’s got a fun new tag that warns of her ovarian hazards, so just in case she passes ownership (of course we hop you’ll want to keep your uterus forever), they’ll know all about her “issues.” And of course we are selling her for the new low price of$14, marked down from $18. Sorry, kids, no wombs for you until we make one that can withstand your destructive ways. We should have a revised, child-safe uterus sometime in 2010. Until then, please don’t gobble those ovaries down and kids, please — keep your hands off the uterus!