Big Pink Noodle

April 6, 2009

9495a_davida-dsc-brainbox-03As a daily reminder of why one has to wear a motorcycle helmet, this one’s painted with pink brains. I’m not sure who makes the one at left or if it’s just a prototype, but it’s a lot cuter than some of the bloody gutty helmet-brain combosbrain-helmet we’ve seen around before, but this bike one at right is gross enough to keep drivers away from you and your two-wheeler. And speaking of staying safe on the road, read this interesting article from Slate about how wearing a helmet on a bicycle isn’t nearly as effective in keeping you safe from automobiles as simply being a girl. It seems drivers instinctively know to stay away from us crazy ladies on bikes. Via NotCot.


3 Responses to “Big Pink Noodle”

  1. BikerPuppy Says:

    If the motorcycle helmet looked as realistic as the bike helmet, I’d totally buy it! Much more fun than my plain black helmet!

  2. iheartguts Says:

    these helmets have squishy pads that say “love your brain” on them:

    and they actually look cute instead of dorky.

  3. iheartguts Says:

    oooh, here’s an x-ray brain:

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