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Love is in the Ocean

April 17, 2009

3245_70930121327_539566327_1671086_5101495_nA couple good friends of mine are going on a looooong bike ride — from Vancouver to Tijuana — on a mission to spread the word about the danger of plastics in the ocean. Marcus sailed on a boat made from plastic bottles from Los Angeles to Hawaii last summer, and this bike trip is the second part of his and Anna’s effort to bring attention to the throwaway plastics that end up in the bellies of birds, marine mammals and turtles. Anyway, they took one of our plush hearts along on their voyage as a mascot of love because they are planning on getting married on the trip! Mazel tov!


What It Takes To Be a Doc

April 17, 2009

luandaBe sure to check out Nova’s Doctors’ Diaries, it is an incredible in-depth look into what it’s like to become a doctor, from what it took to get through medical school, how they dealt with cadaver lab, how they survived residencies, and eventually how they became practicing doctors — or not. The filmmakers began by filming students at Harvard Medical School in 1987, and continued to follow these people throughout their careers today (that’s Dr. Luanda Grazette, pictured, she’s a cardiologist). Really, really interesting program and you can watch it online.

Pretty Noggin

April 14, 2009

7eb274cad1c8558074bc86a6db8d4c6dd7b07db3This beautiful brain is by illustrator Tyler Lang, who doodled this fantastic noodle for Men’s Health magazine. Love the colors. [via NotCot — thanks, Julie!]

This Cast Is Never Coming Off

April 14, 2009

ahandasdas4Here’s making the best of a bad situation — break your arm snowboarding, then get your awesome illustrator friend Heather Tomkins to make your cast fabulous. Would also make a great –yet painful — tattoo, don’t you think? [via Boing Boing]

Guts Down Under

April 13, 2009

ruck_rover_storeWe’ve had the good fortune of working with some really great stores during the past few years, and I wanted to spend some time on this blog highlighting some of our favorite shops. Ruck Rover General Store is an adorable lil’ shop down in Perth, Western Australia, the sisters who run it, Claire and Isabelle Trolio are super sweet, have a taste for independent design (Princess Tina, Supermaggie, Heavy Rotation), and have amassed a collection of cuteness (is that a polka-dotted stuffed mushroom on the sofa? Why yes, it is!).  They just launched an online store, so check out their goods or if you’re in the area, go visit!

Totally Boweled Over

April 6, 2009

intestine-tshirtMore brand-new tees in stock, including men’s and women’s intestine “I Heart Your Guts” t-shirts and our fancy new “Gall of the Wild” gall bladder shirt for men and women. Be the first on your block to wear your bowels on the outside! I have finally caved to consumer trends and have made separate colors for men and women’s tees. Apparently real men don’t wear pink.gallbladder-tshirtThe new gall bladder tee also means we’ve got the goods for a Gall Bladder Gift Pack. Woo hoo! And for those of you waiting for the Smells Like Spleen Spirit t-shirt, we’ve got that back in stock, this time in Kelly Green, in all sizes, finally. Thanks for being so patient!

Big Pink Noodle

April 6, 2009

9495a_davida-dsc-brainbox-03As a daily reminder of why one has to wear a motorcycle helmet, this one’s painted with pink brains. I’m not sure who makes the one at left or if it’s just a prototype, but it’s a lot cuter than some of the bloody gutty helmet-brain combosbrain-helmet we’ve seen around before, but this bike one at right is gross enough to keep drivers away from you and your two-wheeler. And speaking of staying safe on the road, read this interesting article from Slate about how wearing a helmet on a bicycle isn’t nearly as effective in keeping you safe from automobiles as simply being a girl. It seems drivers instinctively know to stay away from us crazy ladies on bikes. Via NotCot.

Stomach of Steel

April 4, 2009

pink_elephant_belt_buckle_frontI love illustrator Amanda Visell’s work, she has the retro 60s style down, and what could be more retro 60s than an elephant with a belly full of booze? I remember seeing pink elephant cakes and thinking they were sooo cute when I was a child, not really knowing they were supposed to be drunk elephants. I like how the stomach also looks like a cherrybomb about ready to explode. Conveniently enough, this belt buckle comes equipped with a bottle opener.

Why Is Health Care So Unhealthy?

April 4, 2009

evan-wishnia-gutsIn a fantastic New Yorker article about health care reform, Atul Gawande goes into how universal health coverage developed in other countries — and how it may develop in ours. “In 2007, fifty-seven million Americans had difficulty paying their medical bills,” Gawande wrote, “up fourteen million from 2003.” It’s clear we have come to a crisis that will not go away. Part of the problem is we’ve never been so good at keeping people alive. Previously untreatable problems can now be managed, but generally at a huge cost. Some good friends of Evan Wishnia, a 25-year-old in Florida, held a fundraising concert and raffle, Save Evans Guts, to help pay for his many medical bills. We designed some t-shirts to be sold at events to help out, and they managed to raise $1,200 at the concert. That’s a lot of money, but considering Evan’s situation (he had an emergency colon transplant) and others like him, it is a mere drop in the bucket in the tens of thousands of dollars of medical bills he will have to pay over his lifetime.

You Light Up My Guts

April 3, 2009

bernhard-2A retrospective of the work of Dutch photographer-stylist team Carmen Freudenthal and Elle Verhagen is up on view at the Dopolavoro gallery in Milan. One of their many hyper creative images, at left. Let’s hope this model recovers from her fluorescent lightbulb explosion. Via Cool Hunting.