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We’ve Gutted Our Wesbite!

June 18, 2009

Picture 1I Heart Guts is packing up and moving to a new home on the internet, and the time has come for this blog to pack its bags and move to our new digs: Please come visit and check out the new I Heart Guts website while you’re at it. If you’ve linked to our blog, please re-link to the new one so you can keep posted on innards and such. If you haven’t met your organs yet, maybe now is the time.


Merit Badges for Guts

June 15, 2009


These fabulous innard merit badges are the work of Mary Yeager, and were on view at Gallery Hanahou in New York. Supah cute. Check out the detail on that intestine! [Thanks, Tristy!]

Cute + Dangerous

June 11, 2009

raffle_headerWe were lucky enough to be invited to the Cute + Dangerous show at seven degrees gallery, a show of fabulous cuteness that opens this Friday. The first 50 people to attend are eligible to win AMAZING STUFF, they are giving away an incredible collection of adorable stuff from the likes of StrangeCo, Meomi, Jon Burgerman, Love Triangle, Fred Flare and more! But enough of that crass commercialism — you’re there to see the art, right? Details, schmetails: seven degrees gallery, 891 Laguna Canyon Road in Laguna Beach, CA. Opening is June 12, 2009, 8 pm – 1 am.

Big ol’ Body Book

June 11, 2009

page_xl_bourgery_anatomy_01_0705301847_id_13424This giant book Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery is 714 pages of body parts as envisioned by Taschen, one of the finest publishers of books on art, graphic design, architecture, pop culture and other quirkery. If you are an anatomy nut, you will find the gorgeous detail of the book’s intricate full color plates very satisfying indeed. Just look at the veins on that brain! And so that’s what a cross-section of the spine would look like! Also interesting in Taschen’s catalog: Aesthetic Surgery, all about, well, trying to improve on what nature gave ya. It’s out of stock, but you can still look at the fascinating and sometimes grotesque pictures.

Absolutely Icky

June 11, 2009

MuseumGrossologyExhibitThere’s  a great exhibition of disgusting bodily functions called “Grossology” at Health & Science Museum in Houston, Texas, right now. I have been dying to see this traveling exhibition — all about farts, poo, vomit, snot and other wonderful bodily fluids and functions — for a very long time. I’m sad to tell you on a recent trip to Texas I missed seeing it, as well as “You: The Exhibit,” all about your body — but you should go! Also very cool in Houston right now (actually, the AC was broken when we went, so I should use another adjective there) — Domy Books! [photo via Texas Medical Center]

For the Hypochondriac in Your Life

May 29, 2009

50001_CoverdisplayWe’re all slowly dying anyway, why not read all about it in this wonderful book by Knock Knock? The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You helps you stay awake nights filled with fear that an anvil will drop on your head, the swine flu will find its way into your system, or that fifth donut will be the end of ya.

Urine For a Treat

May 28, 2009

tee-whenurinelove-teal2Our When Urine Love kidney shirt is now available in fun new colors — a teal shirt with gold and purple ink. We hope you like our homage to early 90s color-combo! The original color is back in stock in all sizes, too, for those of you waiting forever for a reprint.

Guts on the Move

May 27, 2009

Picture 1My super talented friend Sean Bokenkamp made a long-time dream come true by animating the guts and putting them in a little innard show — check out Meet The Organs on Vimeo! My fabulous husband Codi Lazar wrote the awesome guts theme song.

Gutsy Giveaway!

May 27, 2009

win-free-gutsThe  Tokyo Bunnie blog (the home blog of the marvelously adorable company Bored Inc.) is sponsoring an I Heart Guts giveaway starting today! Go forth and click to get first dibs on a free plush heart, gland sticker pack, plus testicle and ovary pins! Woooo hooo!

Hunting for Organs

May 25, 2009

134Medical students at Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine in Dayton, Ohio, recently took some time off their busy schedules to participate in a scavenger hunt for organs! The students wanted a creative way to encourage people to sign up as organ donors during Organ Days, a week of raising awareness about organ donation during Donate Life Month, so they enlisted our guts to use as prizes in various events. We’re pretty sure the guts had a good time, too.