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Big ol’ Body Book

June 11, 2009

page_xl_bourgery_anatomy_01_0705301847_id_13424This giant book Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery is 714 pages of body parts as envisioned by Taschen, one of the finest publishers of books on art, graphic design, architecture, pop culture and other quirkery. If you are an anatomy nut, you will find the gorgeous detail of the book’s intricate full color plates very satisfying indeed. Just look at the veins on that brain! And so that’s what a cross-section of the spine would look like! Also interesting in Taschen’s catalog: Aesthetic Surgery, all about, well, trying to improve on what nature gave ya. It’s out of stock, but you can still look at the fascinating and sometimes grotesque pictures.


Absolutely Icky

June 11, 2009

MuseumGrossologyExhibitThere’s  a great exhibition of disgusting bodily functions called “Grossology” at Health & Science Museum in Houston, Texas, right now. I have been dying to see this traveling exhibition — all about farts, poo, vomit, snot and other wonderful bodily fluids and functions — for a very long time. I’m sad to tell you on a recent trip to Texas I missed seeing it, as well as “You: The Exhibit,” all about your body — but you should go! Also very cool in Houston right now (actually, the AC was broken when we went, so I should use another adjective there) — Domy Books! [photo via Texas Medical Center]

Hunting for Organs

May 25, 2009

134Medical students at Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine in Dayton, Ohio, recently took some time off their busy schedules to participate in a scavenger hunt for organs! The students wanted a creative way to encourage people to sign up as organ donors during Organ Days, a week of raising awareness about organ donation during Donate Life Month, so they enlisted our guts to use as prizes in various events. We’re pretty sure the guts had a good time, too.

Unforgettable Transplant

May 21, 2009

Picture 10Natalie Cole got a new kidney in a successful kidney transplant last Tuesday, Reuters has reported. Cole had been undergoing dialysis three times a day to treat Hepatitis C, even as she toured to promote her new album, “Still Unforgettable.” The nine-time Grammy winning singer admits she probably got to disease from drug use over 30 years ago. Let’s hope that kidney is everlasting! [photo courtesy Reuters]

I Want My Medical Television

May 21, 2009

NURSE JACKIEThis fall is shaping up to be one of the most medical drama heavy seasons ever to hit the tube. Now that “ER” and “Scrubs” are gone, we get “Nurse Jackie,” which stars Edie Falco as a nurse with a speed habit, “Miami Trauma” is a new medical drama fashioned by Jerry Bruckheimer, and “Three Rivers” is yet another medical drama about a group of organ transplant surgeons in Pittsburgh. We’re eager to see which organs will star in each episode!

This Gland is Your Gland

May 11, 2009

Picture 1Can drinking juice be that good for you? Pom Wonderful seems to think so. The pomegrante juice company has spent $25 million bucks on studies to prove that their juice cures all that ails you — from heart disease to diabetes. Their latest ad campaign takes aim at prostate health, which is a pretty unsexy incentive to drink juice, even though, yes, we agree keeping the prostate healthy should be a goal of all men, whether young or old. Whether it’s just great marketing or great science, we don’t know, though we have heard anecdotal evidence that drinking the juice of one lemon a day is good for prostate health, as is eating a balanced diet rich with fruits and veggies — which is probably pretty much good for everything.

Urine My Thoughts

May 7, 2009

pee_cardsscan_fullNo one likes to talk about it, but one of the downsides of vaginal childbirth is, yes, a little bit of pee comes out, especially when you go running or something. A company that manufactured a sort of sling to help stop leaks has been recently sued by women who have had problems following the insertion of the device. Icky. These bladder issues are unpleasant, to say the least, but they can be helped with kegel exercises. It made us realize giving a bladder to a postpartum woman might be an even better gift than a uterus.  [Image by the wonderful people at Porterness]

Help Fill My Medicine Cabinet!

April 30, 2009

img_15051I found this incredible ancient (well, it’s from the 80s, which seems so long ago now) medicine cabinet, and have been bringing it around to shows to display guts in (see below).

img_0636Anyway, what it really needs is some empty medication bottles — you know, those orange or green plastic things? Anyway, if you’re all done with your Adderall prescription or you’re quitting Paxil, AND you happen to be in Los Angeles AND you happen to want to go to the Unique Los Angeles show this weekend, please bring me your empty prescription bottles (with all personal info removed, of course). I can get you **free entry into the show** and I’ll give you a little present for your trouble. Just write me for details.

What Does a Gastroenterologist Really Want?

April 30, 2009

stomach-plushieWe have spent a lot of time thinking about the needs of your nephrologist, your cardiologist and even your OB-GYN. That’s why we’ve put together this handy Gutsy Gift Guide for your amusement. Wonder what to get your cardiologist? Wonder no more. Have a crush on your acupuncturist? We’ve got just the thing for her.  Enjoy.

Body Parts by the Dozen

April 27, 2009

img_1899We love these tiny detailed organ models, snapped by my Pal Julie who just visited the Mori Art Center in Tokyo. How fabulous is the idea of buying a ribcage from a vending machine? How much money would I have to spend before I get the intestine, I wonder? Speaking of intestines, my friend Katie is also in Japan (I have to live vicariously through my fabulous traveling friends) and she loved the Parasite Museum, which tells you, “Try to think about parasites without a feeling of fear, and take the time to learn about their wonderful world of the Parasites.”