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For the Hypochondriac in Your Life

May 29, 2009

50001_CoverdisplayWe’re all slowly dying anyway, why not read all about it in this wonderful book by Knock Knock? The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You helps you stay awake nights filled with fear that an anvil will drop on your head, the swine flu will find its way into your system, or that fifth donut will be the end of ya.


Hunting for Organs

May 25, 2009

134Medical students at Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine in Dayton, Ohio, recently took some time off their busy schedules to participate in a scavenger hunt for organs! The students wanted a creative way to encourage people to sign up as organ donors during Organ Days, a week of raising awareness about organ donation during Donate Life Month, so they enlisted our guts to use as prizes in various events. We’re pretty sure the guts had a good time, too.

This Gland is Your Gland

May 11, 2009

Picture 1Can drinking juice be that good for you? Pom Wonderful seems to think so. The pomegrante juice company has spent $25 million bucks on studies to prove that their juice cures all that ails you — from heart disease to diabetes. Their latest ad campaign takes aim at prostate health, which is a pretty unsexy incentive to drink juice, even though, yes, we agree keeping the prostate healthy should be a goal of all men, whether young or old. Whether it’s just great marketing or great science, we don’t know, though we have heard anecdotal evidence that drinking the juice of one lemon a day is good for prostate health, as is eating a balanced diet rich with fruits and veggies — which is probably pretty much good for everything.

Urine My Thoughts

May 7, 2009

pee_cardsscan_fullNo one likes to talk about it, but one of the downsides of vaginal childbirth is, yes, a little bit of pee comes out, especially when you go running or something. A company that manufactured a sort of sling to help stop leaks has been recently sued by women who have had problems following the insertion of the device. Icky. These bladder issues are unpleasant, to say the least, but they can be helped with kegel exercises. It made us realize giving a bladder to a postpartum woman might be an even better gift than a uterus.  [Image by the wonderful people at Porterness]

We Lung You, Too!

May 4, 2009

3436577800_a3085f145bThis may qualify as one of the more amazing photos I’ve seen our guts in (is that Alf or an elephant? Who are the Biscuits and how can I be on their team?) — MyMeso contacted us about wearing lung shirts at their table for the American Cancer Society’s “Bite The Tail Off Cancer” Crawfish Boil in downtown Montgomery, Alabama. We pointed them towards the I Lung You tee, and they got ’em and loved ’em! Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer affecting the lining of the lungs, most often cause by asbestos exposure. Visit for more info.

Help Fill My Medicine Cabinet!

April 30, 2009

img_15051I found this incredible ancient (well, it’s from the 80s, which seems so long ago now) medicine cabinet, and have been bringing it around to shows to display guts in (see below).

img_0636Anyway, what it really needs is some empty medication bottles — you know, those orange or green plastic things? Anyway, if you’re all done with your Adderall prescription or you’re quitting Paxil, AND you happen to be in Los Angeles AND you happen to want to go to the Unique Los Angeles show this weekend, please bring me your empty prescription bottles (with all personal info removed, of course). I can get you **free entry into the show** and I’ll give you a little present for your trouble. Just write me for details.

Body Parts by the Dozen

April 27, 2009

img_1899We love these tiny detailed organ models, snapped by my Pal Julie who just visited the Mori Art Center in Tokyo. How fabulous is the idea of buying a ribcage from a vending machine? How much money would I have to spend before I get the intestine, I wonder? Speaking of intestines, my friend Katie is also in Japan (I have to live vicariously through my fabulous traveling friends) and she loved the Parasite Museum, which tells you, “Try to think about parasites without a feeling of fear, and take the time to learn about their wonderful world of the Parasites.”

Why Is Health Care So Unhealthy?

April 4, 2009

evan-wishnia-gutsIn a fantastic New Yorker article about health care reform, Atul Gawande goes into how universal health coverage developed in other countries — and how it may develop in ours. “In 2007, fifty-seven million Americans had difficulty paying their medical bills,” Gawande wrote, “up fourteen million from 2003.” It’s clear we have come to a crisis that will not go away. Part of the problem is we’ve never been so good at keeping people alive. Previously untreatable problems can now be managed, but generally at a huge cost. Some good friends of Evan Wishnia, a 25-year-old in Florida, held a fundraising concert and raffle, Save Evans Guts, to help pay for his many medical bills. We designed some t-shirts to be sold at events to help out, and they managed to raise $1,200 at the concert. That’s a lot of money, but considering Evan’s situation (he had an emergency colon transplant) and others like him, it is a mere drop in the bucket in the tens of thousands of dollars of medical bills he will have to pay over his lifetime.

The Pituitary has a Posse

March 11, 2009

andrethegiantstickerWrestler, actor, and all-around big guy Andre the Giant definitely had a posse, but did you know he also had a pituitary condition? Andre owed his great size to acromegaly, more specifically gigantism, a hormonal disorder that sets the pituitary growth hormones into overdrive so the body keeps on growing…and growing…and growing, well into adulthood. The hands and feet are most often affected, resulting in abnormally large extremities, and even oversized organs, usually to serve the needs of a larger body size. You’d think a condition like this would be genetic, but it is often cause by tumors on the pituitary itself. Peep this fascinating video on the pituitary condition on National Geographic.

Cute Clones

March 5, 2009

cloned-organ-transplants-1If you heart Keira Knightly’s guts — or even if you hate her guts — you’ll be seeing more of them now that she’s agreed to star in Never Let Me Go, a creepy-sounding movie about boarding school kids who learn they are clones created for use as organ donors. Is organ cloning really possible, even if not through nubile prep schoolers? Well, sort of, via therapeutic cloning and stem cells. [Variety via New York magazine]