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We Lung You, Too!

May 4, 2009

3436577800_a3085f145bThis may qualify as one of the more amazing photos I’ve seen our guts in (is that Alf or an elephant? Who are the Biscuits and how can I be on their team?) — MyMeso contacted us about wearing lung shirts at their table for the American Cancer Society’s “Bite The Tail Off Cancer” Crawfish Boil in downtown Montgomery, Alabama. We pointed them towards the I Lung You tee, and they got ’em and loved ’em! Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer affecting the lining of the lungs, most often cause by asbestos exposure. Visit for more info.


Adrenaline Junkie

April 23, 2009

spiderman_alain_robert1Perhaps you’ve heard of Alain Robert, the daring “French Spiderman” who climbs the world’s tallest buildings with no equipment. No ropes. No suction cups. No carabiners. Just his chalked hands and nimble feetUnbelievable. It got me thinking about Robert’s adrenal glands, and how they must be accustomed to major stimulation. The adrenals are in charge of your “fight-or-flight” response, prepping your body for action in case of danger. Adrenaline bumps up your blood sugar, yet suppresses digestion. He’s probably still pretty hungry by the time he gets to the top.

Love is in the Ocean

April 17, 2009

3245_70930121327_539566327_1671086_5101495_nA couple good friends of mine are going on a looooong bike ride — from Vancouver to Tijuana — on a mission to spread the word about the danger of plastics in the ocean. Marcus sailed on a boat made from plastic bottles from Los Angeles to Hawaii last summer, and this bike trip is the second part of his and Anna’s effort to bring attention to the throwaway plastics that end up in the bellies of birds, marine mammals and turtles. Anyway, they took one of our plush hearts along on their voyage as a mascot of love because they are planning on getting married on the trip! Mazel tov!

Places to Go, People to IV

April 1, 2009

bikedripIf only all hospitals had these IV-drip-on-the-go bicycles, getting well might be a hell of a lot more fun. Way better than the standard-issue wheelchair, right? Via The Cool Hunter.

She’s Got Guts

March 25, 2009

s-natasha-richardson-large Natasha Richardson’s organs will be donated following her skiing accident, subsequent brain trauma and removal from life support. Organ donation “is very Natasha,” a friend told People magazine. “At least by donating her organs something good could come out of [the tragedy].” Richardson’s generous move will surely be lauded by organ donation boosters such as Donate Life, and appreciated by whomever recieves the organs, which will go to someone in dire need. Just goes to show it’s a good idea to have plans for your innards even when you’re young and healthy. It really takes guts.

Gut Whisperer

March 12, 2009

la139_fWhy, oh why, don’t they make these for adults? I think that fabulous brain headband is set to sweep those lame metallic headbands worn by the likes of Paris Hilton aside in the world of fashion trendmaking. You heard it here first. Thanks to Julie W. for tipping me off to this fabulous gutsy apron by Lakeshore.

The Pituitary has a Posse

March 11, 2009

andrethegiantstickerWrestler, actor, and all-around big guy Andre the Giant definitely had a posse, but did you know he also had a pituitary condition? Andre owed his great size to acromegaly, more specifically gigantism, a hormonal disorder that sets the pituitary growth hormones into overdrive so the body keeps on growing…and growing…and growing, well into adulthood. The hands and feet are most often affected, resulting in abnormally large extremities, and even oversized organs, usually to serve the needs of a larger body size. You’d think a condition like this would be genetic, but it is often cause by tumors on the pituitary itself. Peep this fascinating video on the pituitary condition on National Geographic.

Tees With Guts

February 5, 2009

1816-0I am a sucker for anatomy tees on Rumplo, and you might be, too. Check ’em all out. cute, colorful and cartoony guts shirt from Karmaloop, a grumbling tummy from kblam tees and the last one is anatomically-obsessed British designer Alexander McQueen.

V.I.P. Pancreas R.I.P.

January 16, 2009

mn_macworld_caps104We’d like to take a moment to say goodbye to a very important pancreas that may very well be on its way out — Apple’s co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs may have to have his pancreas removed in order to halt growing problems stemming surgery he had a few years back to get rid of cancerous tissue. Apparently the pancreas’ oozing enzymes can cause trouble for surrounding organs, so the best way to stop future spread of cancer and growing problems with surrounding organs is to take the ol’ thing out. Those of you with diabetes and pancreas trouble will sympathize with his future regimen of insulin and digestive enzymes. We must give thanks to Jobs’s pancreas for taking him along in life this far in dutiful service to its owner. Thank you, Mr. Pancreas, may you rest in peace.

Loving Cupful

January 14, 2009

3178925564_d29c1a5d72_oHow much do we love Fred Flare? Let us count the ways. First off, they are doing a great fundraiser by selling handmade valentine’s made by customers and vendors. The money will go to an org that connects seniors to crafty materials. Check out the amazing and adorable artwork for this Valentines For Charity project. Speaking of cute art, this vintage “I’m not tea-sing” valentine is one of my all-time favorites, and Fred Flare honored our plush heart by drawing us near the teapot of love in their adorable Love Illustrated promo for Valentine’s Day. Thanks, guys! If you are an uncontrollable spender, by all means DO NOT visit there are waaay too many cute things there.