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What Does a Gastroenterologist Really Want?

April 30, 2009

stomach-plushieWe have spent a lot of time thinking about the needs of your nephrologist, your cardiologist and even your OB-GYN. That’s why we’ve put together this handy Gutsy Gift Guide for your amusement. Wonder what to get your cardiologist? Wonder no more. Have a crush on your acupuncturist? We’ve got just the thing for her.  Enjoy.


Sew Darn Cute

February 11, 2009

1on-668-212I cannot resist the adorable wares at Loyal Army, they truly make the cutest stuff on earth, and now they have a cute heart trapped inside a ribcage. How I wish we had financial backing like they must have — they’ve got a huge range of stuff — allover print hoodies, kids stuff, etc. etc. Seeing such cute stuff is good for anyone obsessed with putting faces on inanimate objects. But I digress. You’ll be seeing even more and more from them this year, especially since they signed a licensing deal with the big boys.

Getting Sick is So Fun!

November 20, 2008

picture-32If you’ve got the bug that’s been going around, watch this adorable Korean animation about getting a cold and you’ll instantly feel much better. What could be cuter than a happy flu shot?

Making Hospitals Better

October 7, 2008

Just got my greasy mitts on Graphics Alive, a design book filled with wonderful art and illustrations from the world of graphics, fashion and art. Within its pages, a fabulous quote from Simone Legno, the illustrator for Tokidoki: “Hospital rooms, especially the branches where kids are, should be decorated with cute characters, positive colors, everything would give them a smile or strength to spend in a better way thier hard moments.” He’s right! It got us thinking about how cool it would be to decorate children’s hospital rooms with artwork from peeps like Tokidoki, Friends With You, Tado, and yes, our guts, a la the Volkswagen/Hotel Fox project in Copenhagen, where each room is transformed into a happy world. Anyway, if anyone wants a hospital room splattered with I Heart Guts, we wanna do it! Drop us a line…