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Gut Whisperer

March 12, 2009

la139_fWhy, oh why, don’t they make these for adults? I think that fabulous brain headband is set to sweep those lame metallic headbands worn by the likes of Paris Hilton aside in the world of fashion trendmaking. You heard it here first. Thanks to Julie W. for tipping me off to this fabulous gutsy apron by Lakeshore.


Little Kidney, Big Kidney

September 10, 2008

My pal Michele of Crowded Teeth told me a cute story about a friend of hers who got her boyfriend’s kidney after one of hers failed. It seems he’s a very big guy and she’s very wee, so her newer and larger kidney sticks out a little bit. I never really thought about the fact that — duh — your organs are proportionate to your body size. Obvious, but interesting. Hell, if that kidney fits, go ahaed and wear it.

When Urine Need

May 28, 2008

when urine love color choicesWant to help figure out the colors for the next batch of kidney tees? Please help decide! Perhaps you’ve always hated the colors, but liked the shirt, so here is your chance to weigh in. Obviously the shirt was yellow because of pee, but not everyone loves yellow, and the gents don’t seem very fond of it. First image is the original yellow-and-blue design, second is a bright blue tee with a kind of cracked-out late 80s color palette and last is a more subdued dark green with yellow kidneys. I tried to install a poll to make this easy, but wordpress is being a real biznatch and not letting me install one, so if you’d be so kind as to comment, that would be great. Here’s what the poll would have looked like:

+ Yellow. Why change in mid-stream?
+ Blue. Urine, er, you’re on the right track.
+ Forest. I dig the yellow kidneys, they’re pee-tastic.

Innard Beauties

May 16, 2008

Sometimes I obsessively hunt for guts online, just to see what’s out there in a serendipitous kinda way, and my latest internet tangent was rewarded with Adorn Jewelry‘s gorgeous handmade plush guts. They’re so much cooler and more beautiful than our guts, it’s not even funny. These kidneys are my favorite, I love the colors, love that they are attached, and love that they come with adrenal gland hats!

Bring on the Kidneys

May 12, 2008

The miraculous six-way kidney transplant in Maryland reminds me of the Onion Network News story, where an anonymous philanthropist donates 200 kidneys by tossing a hefty bag of guts into the foyer of the hospital. I just heard yesterday that one of the six-way recipients got an I Heart Guts kidney as a gift. Happy to have been there!