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Gut Whisperer

March 12, 2009

la139_fWhy, oh why, don’t they make these for adults? I think that fabulous brain headband is set to sweep those lame metallic headbands worn by the likes of Paris Hilton aside in the world of fashion trendmaking. You heard it here first. Thanks to Julie W. for tipping me off to this fabulous gutsy apron by Lakeshore.


Full of Guts

March 5, 2009


Among the many good things at Wondercon 2009 in San Francisco last weekend was a seeing Guts, a large, glossy book of icky photos from the Tim Palen pop-horror genre (the Saw series, etc.) published by Baby Tattoo Books. Obviously, this one ain’t for kiddies, filled as it is with slasher-horror gut-spilling gore. Props to the packaging designer, who packed it up in a foam meat tray. We had a great time at the I Heart Guts booth, meeting nice people and sending some of them away with guts. Someone told me Carrie Fisher took a peek at our booth, but sadly I was helping another customer so I missed her. Oh well. Toycyte did a nice write-up on the guts, so thanks, Jeremy, it was nice to meet you!

Gland Focus: The Good Ol’ Parathyroid!

March 4, 2009

parathyroid-gland3Not many folks know what the parathyroid is or does until — as with pretty much everything within our bodies — something goes wrong. Parathyroid hormones regulate calcium in the blood, which affects bone growth among other things. Folks with elevated amounts of the hormone have trouble with, according to Popular Science magazine, “stones (kidney stones), bones (fractures), moans (psychiatric problems) and groans (constipation).” A surprising new way to deal with parathyroid imbalance involves autotransplantation — instead of getting someone else’s parathyroid (rejection is always a problem), they take yours out, then put it back. Sometimes they even put it back in your arm rather than in your neck, where it belongs. Isn’t that amazing?

Liver ‘n Onions

February 11, 2009

3240726856_8cf4699641Yum, yum, yum, this liver likes fried onions! Be sure to check out the I Heart Guts Flickr page for more fun photos from our amazing and hilarious customers (Tequila&Donuts took this snap), plus cool photos of other people’s guts graphics, innard tees and other organ offal. If you’ve got guts photos, send ’em our way, or upload them to our Facebook photos.

319106563_88191ee55fHere’s another great one — a thoracic cavity cake!

Shiny Sparkly Guts!

January 21, 2009

new-guts-tees-2009We’ve got a couple of sparkly new tees coming in today, both with fabulous metallic inks, we hope you’ll like ’em. The first, barely in time for Valentine’s Day, is a Heart of Gold tee, for ladies only. Quite possibly even more exciting is our new guts and glands shirt, which includes all the guts and glands characters — even testicles! For those of you really wanting to wear your prostate on your sleeve, this is the shirt for you. They are sorta arrayed where they are supposed to go, offering a mini-anatomy refresher when you need it.

Cute Guts on Threadless

November 26, 2008

156840I am powerless to resist the charms of this adorable gutsy tee by escapism on Threadless.

Guts on the Go

November 21, 2008

g-arch1We love our guts so much, we even travel with them — take a look at our silly photos of handmade organ plushies on vacation. See uterus and liver at Hollywood and Vine, and heart and stomach in front of the Empire State Building, in Reno, in Tokyo, and a bunch o’ other places. If you look closely, you can see them getting more and more tattered and ratty over time.

Days of Our Liver

October 27, 2008

That poor spleen, always venting. Fabulous comic by SophieLynette, as seen on Days of Our Liver, part of 24 hour comics day. I love the way the organs are floating around in the body — that’s bladder talking to the liver (the one with the luggage — he’s a transplant, don’t ya know). Keep clicking “next” to read the whole thing!

Love Your Liver

September 24, 2008

We sure love livers over here at I Heart Guts — they clean our blood, they detoxify our system and are generally good to have around a body. That’s why we are so excited to team up with the National Liver Foundation this coming October — aka Liver Awareness Month! We created some fun drawings for their Love Your Liver youth education campaign, and had a ball doing it. So go check out the site and learn how to love that ol’ liver for yours. If you’ve got a non-profit that needs some fun artwork, drop us a line, we wanna work with you!

Body Worlds and Organs

June 24, 2008

We try to keep track of all things guts over here at IHG HQ, but somehow the dirty details behind the organs used at the BodyWorlds exhibits passed our notice. I had always kinda wondered where all those bodies came from, and it seems some of them came from sketchy sources at best. Yes, some of the bodies were donated to science. But some of them were not, and no one’s quite sure what parts came from where, but it doesn’t look good.