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Gland Focus: The Good Ol’ Parathyroid!

March 4, 2009

parathyroid-gland3Not many folks know what the parathyroid is or does until — as with pretty much everything within our bodies — something goes wrong. Parathyroid hormones regulate calcium in the blood, which affects bone growth among other things. Folks with elevated amounts of the hormone have trouble with, according to Popular Science magazine, “stones (kidney stones), bones (fractures), moans (psychiatric problems) and groans (constipation).” A surprising new way to deal with parathyroid imbalance involves autotransplantation — instead of getting someone else’s parathyroid (rejection is always a problem), they take yours out, then put it back. Sometimes they even put it back in your arm rather than in your neck, where it belongs. Isn’t that amazing?


Shiny Sparkly Guts!

January 21, 2009

new-guts-tees-2009We’ve got a couple of sparkly new tees coming in today, both with fabulous metallic inks, we hope you’ll like ’em. The first, barely in time for Valentine’s Day, is a Heart of Gold tee, for ladies only. Quite possibly even more exciting is our new guts and glands shirt, which includes all the guts and glands characters — even testicles! For those of you really wanting to wear your prostate on your sleeve, this is the shirt for you. They are sorta arrayed where they are supposed to go, offering a mini-anatomy refresher when you need it.

Cute Guts on Threadless

November 26, 2008

156840I am powerless to resist the charms of this adorable gutsy tee by escapism on Threadless.

Pancreatic Cancer Sucks

October 31, 2008

Love the button found on Sandra Martin’s bulletin board — this photo is part of a series of interviews with people battling pancreatic cancer on New York Times online.

Days of Our Liver

October 27, 2008

That poor spleen, always venting. Fabulous comic by SophieLynette, as seen on Days of Our Liver, part of 24 hour comics day. I love the way the organs are floating around in the body — that’s bladder talking to the liver (the one with the luggage — he’s a transplant, don’t ya know). Keep clicking “next” to read the whole thing!

People With Guts

June 19, 2008

We’d like to feature more fun from you, our darling guts-loving populace. So, first in a series of photos from People With Guts, we have Pete Pancreas out on the town enjoying red wine and an evening of karaoke. Did Pete sing “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” perhaps? Or maybe “How Sweet It Is”? (Actually, if you look closely, Pete is sitting on a karaoke songbook open to “My Heart Belongs to Me” and, yes, “Alcohol.”) April B. of Ottawa, Canada, who sent this photo, also got guts for her friends — Lucy Liver and Hank Heart — because April obviously rocks. Hank and Lucy didn’t go out on the town with Pete, though, because Pete is very special. If you’ve got a funny pic of your guts, please send ’em to us!