About I Heart Guts

dscn6130Got time to squander? Then waste it here, with your guts, innards and organs. I Heart Guts is a collection of happy little body parts working hard on your insides. Founded in 2005, our little family operation (I’m the creator, designer, shipper, emailer, customer support staffer, wholesaler, etc., my husband is in charge of tactical accounting support, our baby (that little lumpy bag of guts you see there) is in charge of chaos operations and my mom frequently steps in to slap together those sticker packs) strives to offer the best in stoopid slogans paired with happy gloppy guts. We started out with an idea and one sticker set and now our 700-square-foot Los Angeles apartment is filled with piles of plush livers, gallbladders, hearts and other assorted body parts. All that and no dry ice whatsoever. We have a lot of funny conversations that go something like this: “Hey, do we have any men’s medium brains left?” or “Can you hand me a box of livers?” Oy vey. If ever you need a gut, come on over and we’ll bust you one.


6 Responses to “About I Heart Guts”

  1. Ian Says:

    I just got your newsletter… and i know times are tough for you business dudes, but Im willin to help out!! I just placed an order for your newest set of stikcers… I know a single purchase will not make all your financial woes disappear, but count on the fact that I will continue to make future purchases!!!! I am a proud “When Urine Love” walking billboard, gut sticker collector, plush heart flaunting patron, and pancreas shirt giver. I ❤ GUTS 4 LIFE!

  2. iheartguts Says:

    you are the nicest! thank you for your gutsy support!

  3. Maggie Fearnow Says:

    Thank you for your wonderful endocrine creations, I’m having my thyroid removed tomorrow and just placed an order for your cheerful little thyroid pin so I’ll never feel left out! 🙂 I had to get the gland sticker set too, such cute stuff!

  4. iheartguts Says:

    wow, good luck with the operation, we will keep our guts crossed for you! thanks for the order, should go out today, so hopefully it will be waiting to take your old thyroid’s place. our thyroid will never need replacing, we hope.

  5. Michelle Miller Says:

    I love these. I am a high school biology teacher in the SF East bay. How do i get my hands on some of these and what other products do you have? Have you ever considered a booth at the CA Science Teacher (CSTA) conventions? Here is the link. I bet teachers would love your products.

    Thanks for great ideas,
    Michelle Miller

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